What Is Ten Block?

The Implementation of Equality Mechanisms.

Stereotypical companies are concerned with profits, as they should be, for their investors who depend on them for their incomes. We like profits too, but Ten Block is not stereotypical. While profits are important to us, what's more important is reversing the economic inequality of our Participants.

Ten Block is a mechanism which orchestrates new value propositions engineered to reverse economic inequality within the typical business cycle by offering aggressive, tangible rewards to its Participants.

At Ten Block, using your purchasing power to buy the same things you normally buy produces tangible rewards for you as the purchaser. Our Participants can acquire possible payoffs in reasonable amounts at reasonable prices, and all within a doable program, and within a (testable) economic safety zone.

There is nothing like it in the marketplace.

Ten Block is Free to Join.

Here’s How You Can Participate:

Buy something.

Members who buy Ten Block products receive Chips Rewards. We currently have every day products such as water, tortillas and convenience store items, and non-staple items such as music and artwork. Speak with an ION Field Agent for product availability. The list is growing.


Sell something.

Members who sell Ten Block products receive Chips Rewards. We pay for all products; you have zero obligations, and no liability for losses. We’re here to reverse losses, so any attempt is a free attempt.

This model has No Failure Mechanisms - buying or selling, in any amounts, and at any time is Perfect, with no minimums, so it effectively means Nobody Fails in Ten Block. This signals incredible opportunity for those who do wish to hold meetings and sign up others because, as you just read, Nobody Fails.

Joining is optional. If you just want to buy and not become a member, thank you for your purchase – it helps all Ten Block Participants.

Try buying or selling, or both, and judge for yourself to see if you are better off or not for the attempt. In other words, make your own value propositions.

Chips Rewards

You can collect your Chips Rewards pay-offs at your local Ten Block meetings. Chips Rewards have no time limit to collect.

How Chips Rewards work:

About Us 

We are not religiously, ethnically, politically, gender or class based. We are every classification of people whose interest is to create an advantage for ourselves and all who join us. This model has a lot of volunteers, and among them are the rich, the middle class, and the excluded.

Our strategy is simple.. do only what is possible and never stop acquiring more advantage or ability to counter inequality.